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Njoy can handle anything //

The Njoy mini speaker gets the best out of your favorite tracks

A couple of decades ago, music fans around the world were divided between pop and rock aficionados. There was simply nothing in between. Nowadays there are more genres, styles and extraordinary combinations than ever. A very exciting time, since anything goes.

Luckily, the Njoy mini speaker can handle anything. Daydream to your favorite bubblegum pop songs, boost your energy with some hard rock anthems or lose yourself to dance, the Njoy gets the best out of your favorite tracks. Every time.

High performance speaker

NNjoy’s revolutionary design makes it a high performance speaker that never fails to deliver premium sound. Wireless, using the line-in audio jack or a Micro SD card, the Njoy will keep you amazed.

What’s your favorite music genre? – NJOY CAN HANDLE ANYTHING