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Njoy <3 Gadgets //

The Njoy loves your gadgets as much as you do

Wherever you go, you take your favorite gadgets with you. Your smartphone and tablet have become parts of who you are for a good reason. They register your entire life, keep you in touch with the rest of the world and make sure that you take time to relax every once in a while.

Your smartphone, MP3 player or laptop will get along just fine with our tiny little speaker. Connecting the Njoy speaker with your devices is super simple thanks to Bluetooth® technology. Connect and enjoy!

No Bluetooth® capability? No worries!

Do you own an audio device without Bluetooth® capability, but filled with great tunes? There’s no need to worry. The Njoy mini speaker feels right at home with your devices that aren’t Bluetooth® compatible. Just connect any non-Bluetooth® audio device with the included cable. It’s that simple.

The perfect companion for your gadgets – NJOY <3 GADGETS