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Seductive design //

A phenomenal speaker with an irresistibly luscious design

Beauty, style and fashion. You always want to look your very best to let the world know who you are and what you stand for. Your clothes, accessories and gadgets tell the story of you. Superficial? Think again. You’re a unique individual, free to tell the world: this is me!

‘Seductive’ is the best way to describe the Njoy Bluetooth® mini speaker’s design. By using only the best materials we’ve managed to develop a speaker that doesn’t just sound fantastic, but looks fantastic as well. Stylish and astonishingly easy to use.

Functional & ergonomic

Njoy’s design is ergonomic and leaves the poorly designed plastic competition behind. For the first time design and functionality go hand in hand. All thanks to its beautiful curves and soft exterior.

Discover the Njoy speaker’s seductive design – SEDUCTIVE DESIGN